As the holiday season approaches, travel hubs like airports, highways, and train stations are set to be bustling with activity. Anticipating a whopping 55.4 million Americans traveling this Thanksgiving—a 2.3% rise from last year, making it one of the busiest seasons since 2000—preparing for crowds is essential. If you’re considering bringing along some special “goodies” while away, particularly cannabis, here are some helpful tips for navigating holiday travel.

While using cannabis during travel is cautioned against, if you’re determined to do so, here are some suggestions to consider. Skip carrying flowers or vapes; they’re too conspicuous and might lead to unwelcome hassle. Opt instead for discreet options like gummies, blending seamlessly among the regular candies often found at airports. Moderation is key—avoid drawing attention from security or law enforcement.


Wouldn’t it be convenient to not worry about cannabis while traveling? Unfortunately, we’re not at that point yet. Some airports might turn a blind eye, but others strictly prohibit it—take Denver’s airport in cannabis-friendly Colorado, for example, where cannabis is a no-go.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) stance remains firm: since marijuana is federally illegal, passengers carrying it will face intervention. Understanding your rights is crucial—minimize unnecessary interactions with law enforcement. If detained, assert your refusal for a search and request legal representation.

Carrying vape pens or edibles is less likely to attract attention. However, transporting flower, especially in larger quantities, requires caution. Consider securely storing it in a mason jar at home, away from sunlight, until your return. If heading home for the holidays, rely on familiar sources or family connections for supply.


The rules for land travel align with those for air travel. Despite cannabis legality in specific states, federal restrictions complicate matters.

While penalties exist for traveling with cannabis, law enforcement isn’t actively pursuing it. Responsible driving should keep your cannabis discreet. Store it in a sealed container or prioritize inconspicuous options like edibles and vapes. And remember, never drive under the influence.


Possessing a medical marijuana card might ease hurdles, but it’s not a straightforward process. Ensure you have your doctor’s certificate, marijuana medical ID, and physician’s contact information. Ideally, travel to a state that acknowledges medical marijuana reciprocity. Carry the smallest necessary amount, easily accessible yet secure.