CBD, widely promoted for its potential to address various human wellness concerns, can now be recognized for its role in fruit preservation, according to recent research. The University of South Florida conducted a study, soon to be published in the journal Postharvest Biology and Technology, investigating the antimicrobial properties of CBD. The study involved treating harvested strawberries with CBD oil to examine its impact on microbial growth and shelf life extension.

The researchers observed that treating strawberries with CBD oil resulted in a notable increase in shelf life and a reduction in microbial load. The abstract of the paper states, “CBD oil inhibited yeast and mold growth on strawberries. Strawberries treated with CBD oil had better overall quality compared to non-treated fruit.” The study, although focused on strawberries, suggests that CBD oil holds potential as an antimicrobial treatment for fresh produce in general.

To achieve prolonged freshness, the CBD-treated strawberries were stored at 1 degree Celsius for 8 days and 10 degrees Celsius for an additional 8 days. The results indicate that CBD oil could be used by consumers at home as an effective antimicrobial treatment to extend the shelf life of strawberries.

Despite these promising findings, the study acknowledges the current lack of federal regulations for CBD as a food additive, emphasizing uncertainties surrounding its use. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is in the process of finalizing rules for CBD and considering a risk-based enforcement policy to provide transparency and clarity in prioritizing enforcement decisions.

The FDA, mandated to update its regulatory approach to CBD, has taken steps to evaluate and monitor the CBD marketplace. Additionally, a congressional spending bill includes funding for the development of a regulatory framework for CBD products. The FDA is actively seeking a contract to conduct further studies on CBD as it works towards establishing regulations for products containing this non-intoxicating cannabinoid.