In ways that extend well beyond either drinking beer or the use of wine for cooking or possible benefit for an imbiber’s heart and blood circulation, cannabis consumers are increasingly intentional about pursuing a diverse range of goals, practices, and experiences with the plant.

To help the legal cannabis industry better understand its clientele, New Frontier Data — in partnership with cannabis discovery company Jointly — has released Cannabis Consumers in America: (Part II) The Purposeful Consumer, the second report in a three-part series about U.S. consumers and their intentions, preferences, and behaviors.

While factors including age, gender, and desired outcomes all play their roles in determining preferences among cannabis products, today’s cannabis consumer seeks very specific effects. Whether those include relaxation, pain management, or enhancing a social experience, it’s vitally important for anyone competing in the market to recognize the value in addressing them: For producers and marketers, tailoring their brands to those specifically sought effects and experiences is fundamental to creating and maintaining meaningful connections to their customers.

Since Jointly launched its consumer data platform in 2020, some 80,000 cannabis consumers have rated and recorded their individual experiences. To date, more than 206,000 of them have documented experiences detailing goals, products, doses, product effectiveness, and flavor/aroma ratings. They include 140,000 experiences noting the time of day, duration since a previous session, the presence or absence of exercise, hours of sleep, hydration, fullness of stomach, and side effects.

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